Early Childhood Education and Quarantine: What You Need To Know

These are unprecedented times in Miami, across the country, and all over the world. For the first time in our lives, young children are spending day-after-day at home in quarantine. That does not mean that early childhood education has to suffer!

Learn what you can do to ensure toddlers receive the best possible education and adequately prepare for kindergarten while at home.

The Importance Of Pre-K, Online and In-Person

Times are changing. Years ago, children arrived in kindergarten with relatively little education. Now, it is standard for children to be able to recite the alphabet, recognize basic shapes and colors, count to 20, read and write their names, be able to rhyme and learn new rhymes, arrange objects by color, shape, and size, and write their parents’ names and phone number(s).

Online preschool in Miami can prepare children to do these things, even under quarantine. Staff and teachers design programs to teach the basics, as well as skills like cooperation, independence, creativity, and emotional intelligence.

Incorporating The Arts In The Day-To-Day

When enrolling your child in online preschool in Miami understand that the basics may not be enough. In addition to letters, numbers, and colors, the arts can provide tremendous benefits to young kids, even toddlers.

“Creating art may boost young children’s ability to analyze and problem-solve in myriad ways,” author Mary Ann F. Kohl tells Parents.com.

Online music and online art classes for toddlers help youngsters by:

  • Improving fine motor skills. Kids learn fine motor skills in visual arts schools in Miami by learning to hold a pencil, pencil drawing, and using colored pencils. Other activities, like using a paintbrush, drawing with charcoal, or coloring with markers all help children work on motor skills. Similarly, schools and remote learning programs that encompass all the arts–including music and performance as well–only develop fine motor skills further. Activities like dancing can boost these skills, while helping children grasp concepts and practices like rhythm, balance, and coordination too.
  • Introducing scientific concepts. Online preschools in Miami with art classes begin to introduce basic scientific principles. Kids work and experiment with a variety of different materials, teaching them the beginnings of science.
  • Challenging kids to apply basic math. Art requires kids to use basic math skills, like counting and putting things in order. Plus, “a study of three- to four-year-olds learning to play piano scored significantly higher on spatial-temporal reasoning tests compared to those with no music instruction,” according to Art and Music Center. Spatial-temporal reasoning teaches and reinforces logic, problem-solving, and abstract thinking, all skills that ultimately come in handy during math and physics.
  • Encouraging healthy brain development. Listening to music, playing music, and learning how to read music stimulates brain development. Music is responsible for stimulating parts of the brain that nurture emotional maturity and academic brain power.
  • Promoting academic achievement. Online art classes for kids improve grades. Studies show that young children in art classes are ultimately four times more likely to receive awards for academic achievement, three times more likely to receive attendance awards, four times more likely to take part in science fairs, and three times more likely to run and win class offices, like class president or class vice president.

During quarantine, online preschool in Miami is practically a must! Early childhood education provides the necessary foundation for kids to enroll in elementary school. Schools with arts also help give children a leg up in the world. These children are more likely to achieve academic success, more likely to flourish in math and science, and more likely to master fine motor skills at a young age.


Get Your Kids Back On Track: The Benefits of Temporary Remote Learning

Homeschooling is not for everyone. In fact, just about 3% of school-age children are homeschooled, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

Homeschooling presents a number of challenges. That does not change, even in times of national and global uncertainty, like quarantine. In fact, recent events may increase the obstacles facing parents teaching children at home.

Thankfully, temporary virtual or remote learning activities are available to provide structure and ease the burden on already stressed parents.

Here are just some of the benefits of a remote learning private school in Miami during these times.

Structure And Time Management

With virtual school Miami residents can ensure their children have a regular schedule until they are able to attend physical classes in the nearby area. Even weeks into quarantine, parents are juggling quite a bit–work, household tasks, childcare, and, to a certain degree, their children’s education. This overwhelming schedule makes it difficult to maintain structure, especially for their kids.

Routine during quarantine is especially important. Without it, children may have difficulty focusing and completing tasks. Remote learning helps children stay on schedule, stay busy, and keep learning to his or her full potential.

Remote Learning Frees Up Parents’ Time

By opting into virtual school Miami parents reestablish a schedule for their child. Staff plan lessons and virtual classroom time for you, mitigating worries about how to help your quarantined kid learn at home. That frees parents up to focus on work. While young children–especially toddlers–are bound to make an appearance on Zoom conference calls at some point, keeping them on-task reduces the likelihood of continuous interruptions.

With remote learning, parents spend less time planning lessons and working out the logistics of school time. Plus, teachers provide feedback and help with assignments and homework via the web, relieving some of the pressure on parents to do it.

Interaction With Teachers And Classmates

Social interaction is an important part of child development. Plus, in people of all ages, socializing is essential for maintaining mental health.

By regularly interacting with children their age, kids learn problem-solving, sharing, and boundary setting. During quarantine, children–and young kids in particular–are at risk for delayed development of these skills. Getting back into the classroom, even a virtual or remote learning one for the time being, can help tremendously. While it is not a perfect substitute for in-person interaction, regularly talking to classmates and going over assignments with peers reinforces lessons and helps develop critical communication skills.

Similarly, interaction is not just important for your child’s development–it’s important for his or her mental health, too! Socializing plays a large role in brain development, curbs loneliness, and prevents mental health issues, like anxiety and depression, from developing over time.

Improved Computer And Digital Skills

Another benefit of virtual school Miami students can enjoy is the requirement to regularly use and hone their computer and digital skills. Using the internet to interact with teachers and classmates during quarantine teaches kids essential computer skills that will follow them and benefit them throughout their lives. Society is increasingly going digital. Kids knowing these skills will only help. Plus, children enrolled in virtual school are learning digital skills in a constructive manner–not by spending too much time on their iPad or smartphone.

The quarantine will not last forever. Until it is over, however, it is important for parents to have adequate resources to teach their children. That is where remote schooling comes in. Free up more time to work. Encourage safe socializing via web and virtual classroom discussions. Enroll children in remote learning options for the time being to ensure that they continue learning to their fullest potential.


Congratulations to Alejandro Fernandez, CEA class of 2016!

Alejandro was admitted to Boston University on a partial scholarship for music! Alejandro began his piano studies at the Conservatory of the Arts under Maestro Marlene Urbay. Boston University School of Music is currently ranked as one of the top music schools in the country and offers a focused, conservatory-style programs as well as the opportunities of a major research university.

We are very proud of Alejandro! His commitment and dedication to music has paid off! You are Conchita’s legacy!

How School Builds Successful Young People

The top private schools in Miami, FL know what it takes to raise a successful child. Do you? Psychologists and researchers are able to pinpoint and predict the factors that markedly increase your child’s chances of success. Here are some of the top predictors of success, according to researchers, scientists, and local private schools.

Social Skills Are An Absolute Must

The top private schools in Miami know that social skills are a top predictor of success. As such, these schools and programs work to bolster friendships and meaningful relationships. The vast majority of private schools–87%–have low enrollment rates, with total students numbering 300 or less. The low student-to-teacher ratio enables adults to work on strong one-on-one relationships with their students. Fewer students overall also means that those who enroll in group activities or team sports together will get to know each other well and often develop lasting friendships. A 20-year study by Duke University and Pennsylvania State University showed that children and young adults with healthy social skills were more successful than their peers with limited social development.

Success Starts With High Expectations

In recent years, high expectations have come under fire. The top private schools in Miami and across the country know that this criticism is unfounded. In fact, having higher expectations for your children and students increases their likelihood of success. Business Insider describes the phenomena using The Pygmalion effect or the notion that “what one person expects of another can come to serve as a self-fulfilling prophecy.” Put into practice, parents expected a full 96% of children who scored well on standardized tests to go to college. Among kids who did not score well, only 57% of their parents expected them to move onto higher education.

Math Is A Focus Early On

Another advantage of private schools is that they know the importance of learning math from an early age and design fun activities and classes to teach these skills. According to a study in School Readiness and Later Achievement, those with strong math skills at a young age fared markedly better later in life. The top private schools in Miami know to encourage a positive attitude toward math, making it fun and accessible whenever possible. Counting, building, recognizing shapes, and learning about patterns are just some of the methods private schools use to teach preschool and elementary school children math at a young age.

Schools Of Successful Children Nurture A Growth Mindset

Among young children, the fear of speaking up and the fear of failure can play a big role in academic performance. Children who fear failure are less likely to participate, less likely to absorb and retain concepts, and less likely to be successful later in life. Carol Dweck, a psychologist at Stanford University, emphasizes the importance of cultivating a growth mindset. With the right approach, children can apply the growth mindset to view “failure not as evidence of un-intelligence but as a heartening springboard for growth and for stretching our existing abilities,” Business Insider writes.


The Importance Of An Education In The Arts

The arts are an important part of any education. From preschool all the way through college, a child’s education should include the study and practice of one or more art disciplines. Whether it’s painting, music, dance, or theater, here are a few reasons why every education needs the arts.

Develops Creative Problem-Solving Skills

One of the benefits of education in the arts is that it helps children develop creative problem-solving skills. Giving students an exercise to create a dance, write a song, finish a painting, or write a play makes them come up with creative solutions. Finding these solutions will help them even when they are solving problems in other subjects and real life. If you want your child to learn art at an early stage, make sure you’re looking at arts program requirements. As one of the best preschools in Miami, we understand the importance of developing these critical thinking skills at a young age.

Makes It Easy for Students to Grasp Content

Teaching art involves the use of visual and tangible items. Whether performing arts of visual arts, these kinds of programs provide vital stimulation to students. Arts education involves total participation from the student. Therefore, it is easy to grasp content as the students can see everything that they are doing. Designing jewelry, pottery, weaving, and fabrics improve the understanding capabilities of kids. Understanding how to do things in an art class will help them understand other classes easily.

Arts Programs Require Smaller Classes

When the arts are important at an educational institution, class sizes are often smaller. This allows for more one-on-one time with teachers for students. If a public school and a private school have nearly identical arts programs, consider that almost 87% of private schools have fewer than 300 students. Therefore, the full attention that students receive from teachers is one of their advantages.

Develops Teamwork Skills

Performing arts are especially collaborative. A performing arts class puts students in plays, musicals, and short skits. This kind of art allows them the opportunity to build relationships and learn the importance of working together. It’s a skill that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Students Connect Their Culture

Education in arts is one of the best ways that students connect with their culture. If you are still asking yourself how to find the best preschools near me in Miami, use this quality to select a school. Choose one that caters to the needs of all cultures to ensure that your child will connect to their roots in the art school.

Art education should always be in mind when you’re looking into education for your child. As one of the best private preschools in Miami, we’re here to help your child receive a well-rounded education. Arts are part of the solution. If you have questions about our arts programs, don’t hesitate to get in touch and schedule a visit today.


Life Lessons Learned In The Classroom

We all know that the right classroom can have truly transformative results for students of all kinds. Whether the lessons learned come through a particularly tough math problem or an interpersonal conflict, there is no denying that there are many life lessons learned in the classroom. Here are just a few.

Classrooms Expose Children to People from Different Backgrounds

Even if you’re sending your child to one of the best private preschools in Miami, you can expect that they will encounter peers and classmates who come from different backgrounds. While education begins in the family home, a child’s interactions at school will teach them many ongoing life lessons. The value of understanding one’s place within a larger social context is a truly remarkable lesson that the classroom conveys day in and day out.

The Value of Becoming a Well-Rounded Person

If you were to judge a person’s worth off of their abilities in one field, then you’d notice that few people are well-rounded. It’s difficult to be good at everything. A good classroom environment showcases the benefits and advantages of learning a wide, diverse range of skills.

While specialized education and curriculum found in college courses are certainly important to help a person transition into their career, early education does an excellent job of allowing students to taste different subjects. The best private preschools in Miami are those that prioritize widespread subjects as a fundamental concept of early childhood education. When a child is permitted to explore their strengths and weaknesses in a classroom environment, they are far more likely to discover their natural talents and nurture them. In this way, the classroom shows them the value of becoming a well-rounded person as they learn, grow, and develop.

The best private preschools in Miami are quite instrumental in creating well-rounded students both in and outside of the classroom. This could be one reason why enrollment in private schools is seeing an increase. Did you know that according to the Condition of Education 2016 report, in the 2013-14 school year, 4.1 million students were enrolled in private school from prekindergarten to eighth grade? In the 2011-12 school year, only 4 million students were enrolled in private school from prekindergarten to eighth grade. Such increases in popularity showcase the value of life lessons that translate from the classroom to the outside world.

The Classroom Reflects the Real World

If there’s one tangible lesson that stands out from all the rest, it’s that the classroom reflects the real world. If you’re late on an assignment and you get a poor grade as a result, that teaches you the lesson of personal responsibility. This is a lesson that translates into the real world as well. Procrastination and putting tasks off will only reap poor results in the outside world. The classroom, when run by an experienced teacher, demonstrates such a lesson in vivid detail.


Extracurriculars Make The Big Difference

When you choose to send your child to a private elementary school, you know that you’re getting the best academic advantages you can get. But what about extracurricular activities? Are you worried that your child may be missing out on the types of extracurricular activities they might be able to get at a public school, or another educational setting? At Conchita Espinosa Academy (CEA), we have a wide range of extracurricular activities that help to set our academy apart from other private schools in Miami FL. Here’s just a few of the ways that our extracurricular activities make the big difference.

The Conchita Espinosa Conservatory for the Arts

There’s no denying that the arts are a crucial part of any well-rounded education. While many other private schools in Miami FL have decided to forego much of their commitment to the arts, at CEA we continue to place a strong emphasis on all forms of music and performance with the Conchita Espinosa Conservatory for the Arts.

With a conservatory dedicated to artistic activity, we provide comprehensive courses in everything from music to theatre and even martial arts. Whatever type of artistic interest your child takes on, you can rest assured that they will have a place to express themselves while also improving their craft. You’ll be hard-pressed to find other private schools in Miami FL offering this level of immersion for students engaged in an artistic practice.


Of course, no extracurricular offerings would be complete without sports and athletics. At CEA, we offer a wide variety of sports programs, from baseball to basketball and soccer. We also benefit from the help of Thunderplex Sports. Thunderplex offers a remarkable indoor facility for the growth and development of every student in the sport or athletic endeavor of their choice.

While expert coaching and artistic guidance are crucial in extracurricular activities, it’s helpful to remember that the quality of extracurricular activities also relates to the quality of a local private schools’ teaching staff. This is no different here at CEA. Typically 60 to 80% of private school teachers will have an advanced degree. With an experienced staff of teachers and comprehensive after school activities, CEA is one of the best private schools in Miami FL.


How Summer Camp Helps Children Overcome School Year Obstacles

Sometimes getting your child through the school year can seem like a daunting task. With all the deadlines and obligations, children can get overwhelmed, too. When summer rolls around, it’s easy to think that sitting around the house all day is entertaining, but it gets boring. This is just one of many reasons to send your child to summer camp. Here are a few ways that summer camp helps children overcome school year obstacles.

Summer Camp Reminds Children of Their Natural Talents and Interests

Did you know that 96% of all private schools in 2011–12 were coeducational, while 2% enrolled all girls and 2% enrolled all boys? Regardless of gender, it can be quite a challenge for children of all kinds to remain constantly interested when they are stuck in a classroom all day. A lot of people will notice the value of breaks and recess in relation to this simple fact. This common lack of intrigue is also part of why sending your child to a summer camp or summer in the arts program can be so effective in helping them to use their natural talents and explore their inborn interests. Once children are given the space to express their deepest talents and interests, they are often surprised by what they discover. The kinds of discoveries that take place in summer camps are often those that create lasting change for the better.

Summer Camp Reinforces Friendships and Community

It can be tough for children to maintain friendships over the summer season. A lot of times children make strong friendships in the fall and spring, only to have them diminished by a lack of contact over the summer. Sometimes students may be too shy to meet up with their friends, while in other cases children may be too far apart from one another. In any case, sending your child to a summer camp or summer in the arts program is an excellent way to make sure that they maintain the friendships they’ve made throughout the school year. Keeping up on social skills and community building is a crucial component of any child’s education, no matter how skilled they are in their studies.

Summer Camp Gives Children a Chance to Explore Different Parts of Themselves

Being in school is not always easy for many children. In fact, there are several different factors that can make school quite difficult. Whether it’s a lack of social skills, poor performance in a certain academic subject, or problems with nervousness or anxiety, it’s no wonder that so many children feel out of place in school. For this reason, it’s important to give children the time and space that they need to explore different parts of themselves outside of the classroom. Sure, doing interesting things with your children in the home and on the weekends is something that should never be neglected, but as it turns out, sending your children to a high-quality summer camp can also give them much-needed space to connect with different parts of their personality.

A summer in the arts, for example, may spark a new interest in painting or performing. A summer in the arts may introduce a child to the fact that they actually quite enjoy playing an instrument. The possibilities are endless, many of which are not possible within the confines of the classroom, even if you choose to send your child to one of the best private elementary schools in Miami. There’s really no telling how positively a child may respond to a summer in the arts or at summer camp, so it’s a good idea to set them up with the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their natural talents or interests

Giving your child the chance to excel at summer camp all starts with finding the right private school education that can offer a summer camp or summer in the arts program to meet the needs of different types of children. At Conchita Espinosa Academy, we take pride in offering comprehensive summer camps, summer in the arts programs, and other extracurricular activities that give your child the chance to learn, grow, and develop when the school year is not in session. Not sure how to get started? Just want some more information on the school and its approach? No worries. Reach out and get in touch with a member of our team today. We can’t wait to meet you!


Why Should You Choose A Private School For Your Kids?

To teach their children new social skills that will help them to adapt to the changing nature of the world, parents are looking for the top preschools. Here are some of the reasons you should choose the top preschools for your kids.

1. Enriched Academic Opportunities

One of the reasons why you should take your kids to the top preschools in Miami is that they provide exceptional education experiences through advanced placement courses and extracurricular activities. Advanced placement courses focus on ensuring that the kids focus on the school work, and they have significant knowledge in various activities. On the other hand, extracurricular activities focus on unearthing the talent that your kid might possess. All kids have talents whether in sport, innovation or music that top preschools help to harness.

2. Small Classes

Studies have consistently proved that there is a better and improved performance for all the students in a small class. However, you don’t get a small class in most of the traditional preschools. You only get a small class size in top preschools around the country. A teacher in a small class can understand the needs of each student, which plays a major role in enhancing their performance. Teachers in private preschools help students to minimize their weaknesses while at the same time helping them to maximize their strengths.

3. Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is one of the reasons why private schools are better. Most of the private schools in Miami have been built on the foundation of open communications between the teachers, kids, and parents. The entire community is involved in the learning process. Parent-teacher meetings help in addressing some critical aspects affecting the kids so that they can be treated well at home for optimum performance at school. Parents and communities play a vital role in helping the school to achieve its mandate of growing the school, especially through fundraising activities.

4. Dedicated Teachers

Private schools in 33184 are known for the number of dedicated teachers at their disposal. A study by the Fraser Institute in 2017 indicated that a considerable number of parents choose private schools because they felt that most of the teachers were highly dedicated and motivated towards helping the kids. Most of the private schools in Kendall FL have advanced degrees and are always passionate about their subjects and helping the kids as well. Teachers are always available to help the kids at any time of the day.

5. A Safe Environment

High standards of respect and discipline are highly maintained in private schools. These are some of the values that every parent would want their kids to have. There are only a few numbers of students in the school. This helps the teachers to strictly follow every child in the school and ensure they are highly disciplined and have the utmost respect for other kids in school. This makes the school safe and a wonderful experience for any kid to gain knowledge and experience.

6. Resources

Top private schools in Miami have all the necessary resources that young kids may need to expand their brains. Some libraries have all sorts of materials necessary in teaching numbers, letters, and word combination. Moreover, young kids learn through pictures and there hundreds of them. There are other important aspects that make top preschools the best for the kids such as musicals and concerts, plays, strong artworks, and even dedicated gallery among others.

Current statistics indicate that there are 33,619 private schools in the United States. These schools are serving more than 5 million PK-12 students, which is a significant role of schools around the country. Conchita Espinosa Academy (CEA) is one of the top preschools around the country. What makes Conchita Espinosa Academy (CEA) a great preschool is that it is a learning institution based on values of a solid education and a great immersion into the arts. Most of the kids who get their education in this facility grow to become creative and confident individuals.